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Heddwch Magazine 2021

Heddwch is the magazine of CND Cymru. Please click on a cover to download an issue.

Issue Period    
82 January 2023 January 2023 The War in Ukraine; US nuclear weapons at Lakenheath; International disarmament; Nuclear Free Wales at 40; Swansea supports the TPNW; Trade Union news; Caernarfon conference; Traws-Wylfa march; Wales news – Tregaron Eisteddfod, Aberystwyth, new CND Cymru staff, Cynon Valley, white poppies, climate actions, Cardigan, Hywel Williams MP, Peace Mala 20; Reviews – “Deep Deception” by Helen Steele and others, “Brittle with Relics” by Richard King; Obituary – Ian Campbell
81 August 2022 War and Peace in Ukraine; First Meeting of State Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; Global militarisation; Protest returns to Lakenheath; New Nuclear Power hype; Trawsfynydd to Wylfa March; Save the Severn; Nuclear Free Wales at 40; Young Peacemakers in Wales; Around Wales – Weapons testing in west Wales, Thales, Low Flying, From Knighton to Faslane, Glastonbury Festival, Welsh Government attends arms fairs, Cut War not Welfare, Welcoming Refugees, Rwanda flight protest; Obituary – Cen Llwyd, Bruce Kent; Review – The Half Life of Snails by Phillippa Holloway
80 April 2022 War in Ukraine; protests in Swansea, Cardiff, Caernarfon; NATO is not the answer; TPNW; the Senedd support for the TPNW; AUKUS; Working for Peace in the Middle East; Acedemi Heddwch takes off; Rolls-Royce – another dead end; Across Wales – Llangefni, Space Strategy, Urdd cnetenary, Tregaron Eisteddfod, Fukushima anniversary, Climate action, NHS not Trident, Cost of living protests; Nuclear Free Wales 40 anniversary webinar and tourning exhibition; Peace Network; Obituary – Carl Clowes, Bob Cotterill; Reviews – Hirbarhad, Manual for Survival by Kate Brown
79 December 2021 A new vision; Global ban making headway; Proliferation Treaty in Disarray; China and AUKUS; Back to Greenham; the 1982 Nuclear Free Wales Declaration; Climate Crisis; Hinkley C Appeal; Nuclear power developments; Wales news – Liverpool Arms Fair, Aberystwyth Day of Peace, CND Cymru’s 40th birthday, Climate protests, Barcelona, No Fusion in Wales, Aberystwyth investigates nuclear Arctic, White Poppies on the BBC; Jill Evans awarded Coppieters Award; Reviews – Women for Peace, Plogoff, Vigil, Collateral Damage, The Welsh Way; Obituary – Brenda Davies
78 August 2021 40 years; Welsh councils back TPNW; More British nuclear weapons; 40 years since Greenham March; 40 years of CND Cymru; Nuclear free COP26; Fusion; Manifesto for Peace; Wales Young Peacemakers; Land of Song Concert; Around Wales – Kill the Bill, Palestine, Epynt, XR, Denbigh; Obituaries – Llew Smith MP, Pauline Cutress; Review – Cofio’r Wylfa
77 April 2021 Biden; Senedd elections; Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – Entry into Force, Faith Leaders’ Pledge; Disarmament Treaties in 2021; Yemen; Low level radiation; Hinkley Point; Fukushima; Wylfa; 22 January concert; Wales in lockdown; Reviews: The Atom – A Love Affair, Activism for Life, Other Girls Like Me; Obituary: W R (Bill) Davies
76 January 2021 Nuclear Free World – support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; 2021 re-start; the Legacy of Atomic Testing; Academi Heddwch Cymru; Wylfa; Hinkley; Egino medical reactor; Trawsfynydd SMNR; NFLA Wales; White poppies; RAF Valley; Pontypridd Palestine; Penally asylum seekers’ camp; W Mervyn Jones; CND Cymru archives; Reviews: Confessions of a Non-violent Revolutionary by Chris Savory, The Levels by Helen Pendry; Obituary: Jan Morris

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