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Heddwch Magazine 2021

Heddwch is the magazine of CND Cymru. Please click on a cover to download an issue.

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79 December 2021 A new vision; Global ban making headway; Proliferation Treaty in Disarray; China and AUKUS; Back to Greenham; the 1982 Nuclear Free Wales Declaration; Climate Crisis; Hinkley C Appeal; Nuclear power developments; Wales news – Liverpool Arms Fair, Aberystwyth Day of Peace, CND Cymru’s 40th birthday, Climate protests, Barcelona, No Fusion in Wales, Aberystwyth investigates nuclear Arctic, White Poppies on the BBC; Jill Evans awarded Coppieters Award; Reviews – Women for Peace, Plogoff, Vigil, Collateral Damage, The Welsh Way; Obituary – Brenda Davies
78 August 2021 40 years; Welsh councils back TPNW; More British nuclear weapons; 40 years since Greenham March; 40 years of CND Cymru; Nuclear free COP26; Fusion; Manifesto for Peace; Wales Young Peacemakers; Land of Song Concert; Around Wales – Kill the Bill, Palestine, Epynt, XR, Denbigh; Obituaries – Llew Smith MP, Pauline Cutress; Review – Cofio’r Wylfa
77 April 2021 Biden; Senedd elections; Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – Entry into Force, Faith Leaders’ Pledge; Disarmament Treaties in 2021; Yemen; Low level radiation; Hinkley Point; Fukushima; Wylfa; 22 January concert; Wales in lockdown; Reviews: The Atom – A Love Affair, Activism for Life, Other Girls Like Me; Obituary: W R (Bill) Davies
76 January 2021 Nuclear Free World – support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons; 2021 re-start; the Legacy of Atomic Testing; Academi Heddwch Cymru; Wylfa; Hinkley; Egino medical reactor; Trawsfynydd SMNR; NFLA Wales; White poppies; RAF Valley; Pontypridd Palestine; Penally asylum seekers’ camp; W Mervyn Jones; CND Cymru archives; Reviews: Confessions of a Non-violent Revolutionary by Chris Savory, The Levels by Helen Pendry; Obituary: Jan Morris

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  1. […] Jill Gough and our other friends at CND Cymru (Wales) continue their campaign with like-minded souls both in Wales and around the world ‘to rid Britain and the world of all weapons of mass destruction’. They also campaign for peace and justice for humanity and the environment, and against the arms trade. In the latest edition of their magazine ‘Heddwch’ (Welsh for ‘Peace’), the usual range of issues is discussed but you can access past issues from this link: ‘Heddwch Magazine’. […]

  2. […] their archive materials – amounting to many thousands of pages – including the iconic ‘Heddwch’ Magazine from 1985 to […]

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