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The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in Wales

CND Cymru

We campaign to scrap nuclear weapons

CND Cymru campaigns side by side with a host of other movements in Wales and worldwide to rid Britain and the world of all weapons of mass destruction, for peace and for human and social and environmental justice.

“Heddwch” (Welsh for Peace) is CND Cymru’s membership magazine. It is sent to all members three times a year, and it is available online through the link above. Everyone in CND Cymru is a volunteer, and we are entirely funded by our supporters. Like any other voluntary group, we depend on our members’ voluntary work to be able to campaign. We need more volunteers in order to do more – if you would like to help, contact us! Donate Today


Israel / Palestine

CND Cymru is horrified to hear the developments in the middle east. Our solidarity and sympathy stand absolutely with those who have lost loved ones and our absolute support for[…]

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Jeremy Corbyn at the Eisteddfod

‘The vision of peace will always be stronger than the voices of war’ My thanks to CND Cymru for inviting me to this special anniversary event of the use of[…]

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The war on the Ukrainian People is increasing joint threats of global nuclear war and ecological disaster including the danger of the malfunction of nuclear power stations in Ukraine. The[…]

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