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About 1,000 individuals, organisations and institutions are members of CND Cymru. All members receive a copy of the CND Cymru Magazine ‘Heddwch’ (Welsh for ‘Peace’). Those living in Wales who join CND through the London Office also receive ‘Heddwch’.

There are three ways that you can join CND Cymru:

  1. Membership through the post Please print out and complete CND Cymru Membership Form and post to our treasurer, who’s address can be found on the form itself.
  2. Membership electronically through your Bank
  3. Membership through PayPal, either using a credit card or from a PayPal account.

You can also support us, while getting our updates through signing up to our email list.

Youth and Student CND

CND Cymru members who are under 25 or students are also members of Youth and Student CND.

Write to your MP

Click here to download a template. As personal letters or emails are best – please change the suggested letter to personalise it.


Get rid of Trident!

We call on the government to:

• Support the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Treaty, which outlaws all nuclear weapons globally

• Cancel the replacement of Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system

You can sign the online petition here, and / or download and print a paper version of the petition so that you can collect names on it here.

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Anything missing? Please contact us through this form or through our social media: