Fukushima Diary

Fukushima Diary

C N D Cymru Vice Chair Brian Jones went to the Fukushima area on a Study Tour organised by Green Cross in October 2014 on behalf of C N D Cymru.

Western Mail coverage here

This is his account of the experience.

Day 1 & 2 travelling to Japan; impressions of Tokyo; meeting in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club

Day 3 travelling to Koriyama; meeting with Mr Naka; meal with Ikuko Hebiishi, Green Party Councillor

Day 4 Tomioka (zone 2, 10km from the nuclear site; meeting with evacuees from Tomioka

Day 5 3A club in Koriyama; two indoor play facilities in Fukushima city

Day 6 travelling

Day 7 & 8 sightseeing in Kyoto; travelling back to Toyko; returning home.

Note: I wrote the account during the trip, either whilst travelling or late in the evenings, finishing it on the return flight. I have deliberately not updated my account, or added information learnt subsequently, as I didn’t want to edit or revise my initial impressions. I have probably made errors in spelling some of the Japanese names; I tried to honestly record what was said to us; if I have inadvertently misrepresented anyone, I can only apologise. My observations on Japanese life and culture are purely subjective; any mistakes are entirely mine.