Campaigning in the Senedd – 2021 summary

Campaigning in the Senedd – 2021 summary

There are 21 Members of the Senedd who have signed the ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons) Parliamentarian Pledge.

Of course, we’d like all Members of the Senedd to sign the pledge, so it your MS hasn’t signed, please contact them and ask them to sign up. 

Before the election, we asked candidates to complete our questionnaire; you can see their responses here: 

You can see the replies that we’ve received to our questionnaire from Senedd candidates here.

We are currently working with sympathetic Members of the Senedd to research the investments made by the Members’ pension contributions, with the intention of trying to get the fund to disinvest from investments in companies involved in nuclear weapon  production. 

Brian Jones, CND Cymru Vice Chair