The war on the Ukrainian People is increasing joint threats of global nuclear war and ecological disaster including the danger of the malfunction of nuclear power stations in Ukraine. The inevitable consequences will be widespread human sickness and illness, massive environmental destruction, food and energy shortages and increased poverty affecting people worldwide.  As always those who suffer the most in any war are the poor and vulnerable, the very young and the elderly.

*The escalation of destruction and aggression in Ukraine is increasing the risk of the use of nuclear weapons, this would threaten not only the Ukrainians but people worldwide.

*CND Cymru recognises that there are many Russian Citizens who oppose the actions of Putin’s Government against the Ukrainian people.

*CND Cymru stands together with organisations around the world to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to call for peace. We call on all countries in Europe to help to avert war and a humanitarian disaster by proposing and applauding de-escalatory measures.

*We urge the international community to strongly pressure Russia and especially the United States to engage in dialogue and diplomacy, to return to compliance with the UN Charter, respect international humanitarian and human rights law and join relevant treaties to reduce nuclear weapons risks, including the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

*CND Cymru’s call for a continuous diplomatic effort to solve the political crisis does not mean agreement with certain political positions within or outside Ukraine. We seek to support the prevention of a potentially uncontrollable conflict which could escalate even into a nuclear war.

*Longer term, CND Cymru calls for NATO to be disbanded and resources invested in serious international arbitration and the addressing of injustice and the threat of climate catastrophe.