Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 – 2015 Commemorations across Wales call for a halt to current state endorsed murder and war preparations

People across Wales will be joining with those all over the world this week, in remembering the anniversary of the 1945 devastation of Hiroshima (August 5th) and Nagasaki (August 9th), when US atomic bombs were deliberately dropped on civilian populations in Japan. Over 250,000 people were killed instantly by heat, blast, fire and radiation. Hundreds of thousands were made sick and died over the following weeks, months and years from the effects of radioactivity.

Contrary to what was claimed at the time, those nuclear bombs did not ‘end’ the war. (1)

At events throughout Wales, including on the Maes at this year’s National Eisteddfod, the often forgotten horrors of August 1945 will be commemorated. The clear message to the Welsh Government and to governments across the world will be that nuclear weapons are not wanted or needed; not in Scotland, not in Wales, not anywhere. (2.)

In Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire Peace Group will host another musical gathering and listen to speakers before floating candles on the Cleddau.

Marie Walsh from Newbridge, Gwent will be fasting between 6th and 9th August as part of Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemorations in south Wales. Marie’s fast is part of an international event organised to alert public opinion to the dangers of nuclear weapons everywhere.
She said:
“What happened to the people of Hiroshima on 6th August 70 years ago was a war crime. Within hours of the blast President Truman was fully informed about the massive toll on civilians (probably 100,000), mainly women and children and so to hit Nagasaki, 3 days later, with an even more powerful atomic bomb was surely the most callous of all war crimes.”
“It is a crime to prepare for mass murder. Trident is a crime. I want to do everything I can to
rid Britain of this criminal weapon.”

Marie is calling for messages of support from supporters. She commented:
“I feel confident that the majority of people in Wales do not want nuclear weapons. The people
should decide – give us a referendum on Trident.”

Jill Gough CND Cymru National Secretary said:
“CND Cymru calls upon the British Government to make a commitment that British Government will neither use, threaten to use, nor develop any new nuclear weapons, and will take immediate steps for their abolition. Nuclear weapons in no way inspire reconciliation and understanding, address the causes of conflict or offer security from climate change, drought, poverty or injustice across the world.

“While the most vulnerable in our society cope with the effects of stringent cuts in public services, thousands rely on foodbanks and ordinary working people face higher bills and taxation. The British Government should be making the most moral, the easiest and most far reaching cut of all – to get rid of British nuclear weapons. It is simple common sense: Trident and its £100billion planned replacement have no place in England, Wales or Scotland and no role in building the sustainable economy we need.”
According to a series of statements made in Parliament by ministers of the MoD in 2008 and 2012 (6) the annual operating costs of the Trident programme amount to around 5 to 6 per cent of the defence budget; the equivalent of between £2 to £2.4 billion per annum.

Some of the70th anniversary Commemoration events in Wales are listed below – there may well be more!



August 6th 2pm onwards
Hiroshima Commemoration Concert
2.00pm Stalls open to the public
5.30pm onwards music: Ukulele Band; Scene Red; Buddhist Choir MTC; Pembrokeshire Harpist Shani Liz Wyman;
7.55pm onwards Speakers Josie Parkhouse; Kyoko Gibson; Robbie Manson 8.40pm onwards – procession to river bank; Dedication by Kyoko and Launch of Candleboats All welcome. Pembrokeshire Peace Group t: 01834 845 868

August 6th – 9th
NEWPORT & CARDIFF (Also France, Germany and the USA.)
International Fast
Marie Walsh (Newbridge, Gwent) – (see above) from 6th August 6.30pm (from Newport (Gwent) Hiroshima commemoration) – 9th August 3.30pm (close of Cardiff Nagasaki commemoration) marie@riseup.net m: 07964242966
Angie Zelter (Knighton, Powys) fasting outside MoD offices in Whitehall t: 01547 520 929 m: 074-565-88943

August 6th 6.30pm
NEWPORT Tredegar House Lake
Hiroshima Commemoration
Key Speaker: Paul Flynn MP Newport West
Please bring friends, flowers and poems. Symbolic strewing of flowers onto the Lake.
WIPLF Ingrid Wilson t: 01633 267367 m: 07976 267367

August 6th
MEIFOD Eisteddfod Genedlaethol
For details of commemorative events and bilingual interviews contact Brian Jones /Pabell Heddwch m: 07765498072

August 9th 2pm
CARDIFF Roath Park Lake meet by the lake-side cafe
Côr Cochion Caerdydd and Cardiff CND Commemorative Event
Songs to include “Lullaby of Oleander” (commemorating the bomb, written by a Japanese survivor). Remembering Nagasaki and the human impact of nuclear warfare in poems, readings and song. Please bring friends, flowers and poems
CND Cymru:
Jill Gough t: 01239 85 11 88 heddwch@cndcymru.org
Brian Jones (at the Eisteddfod in Meifod) m: 07765498072
Newport CND & Côr Cochion Caerdydd:
Marie Walsh marie@riseup.net m: 07964242966 t: 01495 220 400
 The British Government already spends over £2billion a year (3) on the Trident nuclear weapons system and is planning to spend even more on replacing it with new nuclear weapons.
 Costly plans, already going ahead at AWE Aldermaston to replace Trident with new nuclear weapons will cost the British Taxpayer at least a further £76billion (4).
 Modern nuclear weapons are many times more accurate and powerful than those used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Any use of nuclear weapons would be socially, environmentally and politically catastrophic.

(1) Contrary to what was claimed at the time and the story that is still taught, the bombs did not end the war.
“It would be a mistake to suppose that the fate of Japan was settled by the atomic bomb. Her defeat was certain before the first bomb fell. ”
(Winston Churchill British Prime Minister)
“Japan was at that very moment seeking some way to surrender with minimum loss of face. It was not necessary to hit them with that awful thing”
(US President Dwight Eisenhower)

(2) The total yield of the 200 nuclear warheads now deployed on the 4 British Trident submarines is around 14.4 megatons, which is roughly equivalent to 1,000 times the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

(3) Running costs of existing Trident 2007-2023: £26-31 billion Keith Hartley, ‘The Economics of UK Nuclear Weapons Policy’, International Affairs, Vol. 82, No.4, pp.675-684

(4) www.cnduk.org/images/stories/briefings/trident/cost_british_nweapons_07.pdf Aldermaston: www.aldermaston.net/awe

(5) A concise discussion of some of the cost increases which have emerged since the 2006 White Paper: http://www.cnduk.org/images/stories/briefings/trident/parlcndtridentsdsr_june2010.pdf
See also: www.cndcymru.org
(6) www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200708/cmhansrd/cm080204/text/80204w0013.htm#08020425000024

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